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Owners of staff housing or executive housing complexes may not realise that by driving better, more efficient management means cost savings and better comfort for residents. Domus understands how to identify these efficiencies for maximum impact and results.


By undertaking simple improvements or by implementing new processes. We can re-work spaces, enhance safety, improve facilities, and improve on-site logistics. Typical workstreams such as these, enable asset owners to focus on their core business, safe in the knowledge their staff are being well-cared for. Our specialist operational teams can provide:

  • Security

  • Public Area Cleaning & Housekeeping

  • Facility and Utility Management

  • Maintenance

  • Transportation

  • Staff Catering

  • Finance

Each of these aspects are undertaken alongside close client consultation, ensuring that standards are elevated, costs are well managed and staff comfort and enjoyment is enhanced.

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